Setting up Tomcat 7.0 with Eclipse Juno

I assume that you have already setup eclipse juno.

Go to and download the Windows Service Installer.

Execute the installer exe file and go through it like this:

Click Next.
Programming Tutorials - Apache Setup

You have to agree the license agreement.

Programming Tutorials - Apache Tomcat License Agreement

Choose “normal” type to install.

Programming Tutorials - Apache Tomcat Components Selection

Configure your Tomcat with this adjustment.

Programming Tutorials - Apache Tomcat Config

Select your JRE.

Programming Tutorials - Apache Tomcat JVM

Choose install location & click install.

Programming Tutorials - Apache Tomcat Destination Folder

When Tomcat installation completed open your eclipse IDE. Then open “Window” -> “Preferences” a new dialog will open.

In this dialog you should navigate to Runtime Environments.

Click “Add…”

Programming Tutorials - Eclipse Preferences

Choose your tomcat version (v.7.0) and click “Next”.

Programming Tutorials - EclipseTomcat Version

Then maintain a name and the tomcat installation directory.

Programming Tutorials - Eclipse Tomcat Server


That’s it.


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  1. john

    Thanks, but under “New Server Runtime Environment” are no servers listed, so cant add tomcat. If i go to “download additional server adapters” it lists some servers (e.g. Geronimo), but no tomcat. Any ideas? I cant find any way to install tomcat support in eclipse Juno (downloaded today) Java version.

  2. Lynda

    Goto Help->Eclipse Marketplace…
    In the Find field enter Tomcat & press Go
    When you have the tomcat plugin installed, follow the instructions above.

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